Letters to the Editor – June 17, 2015

BoBByAfrikusRoss endorses Hines

BoBByAfrikusRoss and EssCeePeeDee (alter-ego of SCSU mascot) join hands to thank Mayor Watkins for his service to Darlington and to endorse fellow SC Stater Gloria Hines for future Mayor of Darlington, SC!
As incumbent Darlington Mayor Tony Watkins prepares to transition to another roll as private citizen, in the development of our beloved City, he announced that his crowning achievement, the imminent arrival of Walmart to the City of Darlington, will “issue in a new economic transformation for Darlington!”

On the heels of Mayor Watkins’declaration that he is ready to “step aside and let new faces vie for that position…”.

On the heels of Mayor Watkins declaration, Alderman Gloria Hines made an equally impactful declaration in announcing that she would be vying again, to run for the seat that Watkins is vacating. Watkins and Hines both rightfully claim the capturing of Walmart, as a game-changing achievement, as can all present and former City Council members of the past several decades.

EssCeePeeDee and I applaud this kind of unity of purpose, and as Alderman Hines has alluded, she is poised to carry on the diligent work that has been accomplished through working together! “We must leave a broken past and come into the future together as a community,” says Hines.

BoBBy AfrikusRoss
Darlington, SC

Author: Duane Childers

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