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The News & Press is located at 117 S. Main St., Darlington, SC

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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 513
Darlington, SC 29532

Telephone: 843-393-3811
Fax: 843-393-6811

General Manager:
Johnnie Daniels, newsandpress@yahoo.com
Editor: Bobby Bryant, editor@newsandpress.net
Staff Writer: Samantha Lyles, slyles@newsandpress.net
Advertising/Design: Stephan Drew, ads@newsandpress.net
Advertising/Design/Sales: Dawson Jordan, dawson@newsandpress.net
Customer Service: Nancy Shepherd customerservice@newsandpress.net


Letters to the Editor

We encourage letters to the editor on any subject. Please include your name, location and phone number for verification.
Mail to P.O. Box 513, Darlington, SC 29540 or e-mail editor@newsandpress.net.
Letters to the Editor do not reflect the opinions of the News & Press, and content may be edited prior to printing. Letters containing overtly malicious comments or personal attacks on your fellow citizens will not be printed.


Press Release and Event Submissions

All press releases are welcome and will be considered, but the News & Press reserves the right to edit as necessary for space or other requirements.

Please contact us by phone at 843-393-3811, by fax at 843-393-6811 or by e-mail at editor@newsandpress.net with your Darlington area news.

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