Letters to the Editor June 10, 2015

Cruelty to animals

People around the world have been touched by the case of Caitlyn, a dog found in North Charleston with electrical tape wrapped so tightly around her muzzle that it cut off blood flow, damaging the dog’s mouth tissue and trapping her tongue between her teeth for perhaps several days.

It’s good news that a suspect in this case has been arrested. Even though South Carolina was recently ranked 45th for animal protection laws out of 56 jurisdictions studied by the Animal Legal Defense Fund, giving Caitlyn’s abuser a substantial sentence that includes jail time, counseling, and a ban on owning animals would send a strong message that cruelty won’t be tolerated.

The link between cruelty to animals and interpersonal violence is undeniable. The FBI uses reports of cruelty in assessing suspected and known criminals, and the American Psychiatric Association identifies cruelty to animals as one of the diagnostic criteria for conduct disorders. Medical experts and law-enforcement officials agree: Cruelty to animals is a big red flag.

I urge readers to report all cases of cruelty to animals immediately—for everyone’s safety. To learn more, visit www.PETA.org.

Lindsay Pollard-Post
The PETA Foundation
Norfolk, VA

Johnson still seeks tapes

This is a quotation that I want all religious leaders including my pastor, Christians, business persons, citizens and all others to read this quotation that is in this paper every week. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” And call, write, email or text your police chief and ask him why he will not give the tapes that the mayor and city manager told me that I will be getting from the chief.

Thanks in advance.

Uncle Albert Johnson
I Make the Famous Bar B-Que Sauce
Darlington, S.C.

Author: Duane Childers

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