Letters to the Editor – January 21, 2015

Kiwanis International celebrates 100th Anniversary Milestone

Did you know that Kiwanis International helped eradicate Iodine Deficiency Disorder in the world (which was the #1 cause of mental retardation)? Currently the Carolinas District of Kiwanis has raised enough money to save over 10,000,000 babies from dying from Maternal Neo Natal Tetanus. Kiwanis is as global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.

Over the coming year, Kiwanis clubs worldwide are celebrating Kiwanis International’s 100th anniversary. The International service organization was founded on January 21, 1915 and today boasts more than 600,000 members ranging from elementary school aged children through adults, in more than 6,000 clubs in 80 nations. Kiwanis and its family of clubs, including Circle K International for university students, Key Club for high school students age 14‐18, Builders Club for middle school students age 11‐14, Kiwanis Kids for elementary students age 6‐12 and Aktion Club for adults living with disabilities, dedicate annually more than 18 million service hours to strengthen communities and serve children.

“Very few organizations are 100 years strong, and the fact that communities around the world have benefited from Kiwanis service for a century is no small thing. But closer to home, Kiwanis serves the children in over 175 communities in North and South Carolina” says Gary Cooper, Governor of the Carolinas District. Is Kiwanis in your community? If so, you have seen firsthand all the good they do for the children. If not, you need Kiwanis more than ever so please inquire how to start a club in your community. For more information about Kiwanis please visit www.kiwanis.org or www.carolinakiwanis.org.

I invite you to make a difference in the lives of children in your community with Kiwanis by supporting our fundraising, service projects or better still, becoming a Kiwanian. Those interested in learning more about Kiwanis, or visiting a meeting, or helping us establish a new club please contact our district office at 800-739-1827 or your local club.

Gary Cooper
Governor of the Carolinas District of Kiwanis International

Shame on you, County Council

Why is it that a candidate for office has all of these ideas and strategies about what they’re going to do once they’re elected, but they involve themselves in pettiness and bickering and nothing gets accomplished once elected?

Darlington County Council spends an inordinate amount of time indulging in this useless and senseless exercise; and when you stop to think of the credentials of the individuals that comprise our council, it’s quite embarrassing.

Council, please listen up! It is not about you and your petty differences, it’s about the residents that you represent, that voted you into your positions to handle the county’s business- which in recent years has left a lot to be desired.

Instead of pouting and abstaining from votes when you don’t get your way, how about doing your due diligence by vetting candidates for County Administrator a lot closer? This situation with Mr. Arrington is unacceptable. His hesitance to sign a contract demonstrates that he may have doubts or that he wasn’t quite sure that he wanted the position in the first place, and if this is the case, he should have gracefully withdrew and allowed the council to move forward.

If the council’s vetting process was more thorough, they would have had a better feel for whether a candidate is indeed invested in the position and capable of giving his or her best and nothing less.

At the very least there should be a voice of calm and reason within the ranks of council and that doesn’t seem to be the case and because of that the people and the peoples business will continue to suffer.

I don’t know what Tommy Edwards’ situation, was but I do know that he would have been the ideal person for the position. I worked for the City of Florence when he was the City Manager, and he set Florence on their way to becoming successful, and he has been successful in leaving governments much better off after he’s departed than when he found them.

At the time of the writing of this letter a contract may have been signed and the new administrator may be hard at work trying to improve on our situation; if so, I wish them all the best. If not, then shame on you county council, shame on you anyway.

Darryl K Stapleton
Darlington, S.C.

Author: Duane Childers

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