Letters to the Editor – June 8, 2016

In support of Wayne Byrd

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven. Matthew 5:16

I met Sheriff Byrd while employed with the City of Darlington, I could not have met a finer person. He was and still is the same person, very kind and personable. When he decided to run for Sheriff in 2008, one day he and I had a conversation and he said something to me and I told him then that he would be our next Sheriff. Sheriff Byrd is a man of integrity and he has shown this during his campaign, because not once has he tried to make negative comments against his opponent. I am so very proud to say that Sheriff Byrd is my Sheriff and I would like to take this opportunity to publicly commend him for a job well done.

While Sheriff Byrd was faced with a decision to terminate my husband and another deputy, it was an unfortunate move he had to make. We respect him for being consistent in his actions, and we understand he has a job to do and had he =not he would suffer criticism from those who don’t want him in office. My husband and I would like to take this time to let “EVERYONE” know that we have no hard feelings against him and that we are behind him 100%!!!!!!!! I truly feel that Sheriff Byrd is the right man for the job, we are and will ALWAYS be #TEAMBYRD. If you are concerned about your county and leadership that you can depend on, please go to the polls on June 14th and re-elect Sheriff Wayne Byrd as your Sheriff of Darlington County.

Sherri L.J. Hodges
Darlington, S.C.

Author: Duane Childers

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