LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Peaceful and loving’ march gets praise

Praise the Lord! First, I give Honor to My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Who is my keeper, provider, sustainer and my all and all …
I want to thank the organizers and everyone who played a part in the March on Sunday, June 7. I want to give a special thank you to Councilwoman Sheila Baccus for inviting me and I commend her for putting the pastors and clergy at the forefront to make sure the March got started with those representing Jesus Christ because He is the HEAD of not only our lives, but everything and all things.
I really appreciate being a part of the March. Things went so peaceful and loving. Everyone was with one accord and that made all the difference.
I thank God for all those present: Mayor Curtis Boyd, City Manager Howard Garland, Clerk/Treasurer Gloria Pridgen, Councilman Bryant Gardner, (Public Safety Director) Kelvin Washington and his officers from the City of Darlington Police Department, Councilwoman Elaine Reed, Lisa Rock, Nita Howard, Sheila Jones and Lee Andrews and his family.
There may be others from the City of Darlington not called to my attention so if you don’t see your name, please take it for love.
I want to thank Sheriff Tony Chavis and his officers from the Darlington County Sheriff’s Office. I also thank God for seeing former Mayor Gloria Hines and former Councilwoman Carolyn Bruce.
I just want to thank God for allowing me to be a part of the City of Darlington. I don’t live in Darlington, but I have been pastoring here for almost 30 years, and I’m in Darlington three to four times a week, so I feel just like a resident of Darlington. Once again, thank you, Darlington, for making me a part of your town and showing me so much love!
Whatever you do, Darlington, stick together and remember the Words of Jesus: LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR, AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.

Pastor Linda D. Bailey,
New Jerusalem Apostolic
Church of Jesus Inc.,
Darlington, S.C.

Author: Stephan Drew

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