LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It was wrong to bar student from graduation

I am a retired school counselor. A recent news story indicated that a 2020 graduate of Lamar High School was not allowed to “walk with her class” because she did not wear a dress to commencement.
Graduation is an important rite of passage earned by students who have met academic requirements over four years. This senior, along with her classmates who met these standards, deserves public recognition for this achievement.
I am saddened she was barred participation for what I and many others consider an antiquated rule.
After all, the students at Lamar High School wore graduation gowns … the “symbolic dress” for both boys and girls.
She received the wrong message. We are proud of her and wish her success in her future.

Heidi J. Roe,
Myrtle Point, Ore.

(Editor’s note: That dress-code requirement has now been eliminated.)

Author: Stephan Drew

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