LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In this COVID-19 crisis, we have to protect ourselves and others

Protests to eliminate all “stay at home” orders are growing. No government has the right or the authority to make them stay at home.
Their lives have become chaos, confusion, anxiety and frustration.
They can’t provide food or shelter for their families. They are angry and fighting to survive.
They want and demand their freedom. They can’t rage at the invisible killer, coronavirus; they can only rage at government.
Are the “stay at home” orders household arrest orders? All government agencies, federal, state and local, have the obligation to protect and serve everyone. Governors, having the authority to issue executive orders, have done so with different restrictions.
There’s no doubt some restrictions have violated the freedoms and rights of some.
We all have the right to ball up our fists and swing at the nose of someone. At the moment our fist hits that nose, we lose our rights.
Our only defense in this pandemic is social distance and hand-washing. We have to protect ourselves, and in doing so, we protect others. Together we survive; divided we die.

Larry W. Kuhns,

Author: Stephan Drew

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