Jail inmate charged with trying to escape

An inmate at the Darlington County jail has been charged with trying to escape, and an officer at the jail has been reprimanded for “not following proper procedures,” after an Oct. 25 incident, officials said. Sheriff’s Maj. David Young said that the inmate, Dre Glorvun Nazier Hampton, who has been held since 2018 on a murder charge, was being moved from his cell to take a shower when he “took advantage of the correction officer not following proper procedure.” Young didn’t elaborate on the officer’s mistake, but said Hampton broke away from the officer “and attempted to flee by running down the hallway to the kitchen area.” Young said the inmate was quickly caught and returned to his cell, “never leaving a secured area.” Hampton has been charged with attempting to escape and the officer involved has been reprimanded, Young said. “The Darlington County Sheriff’s Office is committed to holding inmates accountable for their actions while they are incarcerated in our facility,” Young said. “If an inmate does not follow procedures, causes disruptions, damages property, tries to get out of restraints, attempts to leave his area, etc., he will be criminally prosecuted if warranted. Just as the public holds us accountable, we are going to hold the inmates accountable.” — Bobby Bryant

Author: Stephan Drew

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