Darlington Falcons suffer defeat from Myrtle Beach Seahawks

Darlington Defense attempts to tackle Myrtle Beach player. PHOTO BY Shatorika Bacote and Da ‘Shawna Brunson

Story by Shatorika Bacote and Da’Shawna Brunson

Running into the Darlington High Falcons game against the Myrtle Beach Seahawks, there were many plays they let slip through their fingers. Due to this, the final score ending in 76-0 was given to Myrtle Beach as they steamrolled and gave the Falcons a good run for their money. Along the way, there were many valuable players tonight that were stealing the show and doing what they knew best. Number 1, Tyrone Perkins, ran a number of yards during this brutal game. He and number 4, Calvione Hicks, both stole the show and did the best with what they knew for those Falcons. In the future, there are many different plays and tactics that need to be perfected and worked on. They have it though, they are very determined and outgoing players.

Author: Stephan Drew

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