At Valentine’s, let’s remember the One who first loved us

By Tim Coker, Pastor

Central Baptist Church, Darlington

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” (John 3:16) It was just a bucket of popcorn. I was sitting in the movie theatre, with a large Coke in one hand and the other hand so deep in a bucket of popcorn that I looked as if my arm had been amputated from the elbow down! You know the kind of popcorn they sell in the theatres, don’t you? It is so buttery your fingers feel like they have been dipped in motor oil. The pieces of kernel and hulls protrude from your teeth, as if you had forgotten to pull out this week’s dental floss. I mean, this was “good eating”! I cannot remember what movie I saw, but I’ll never forget that bucket of popcorn! I remember that night for another important reason as well. That was the night I discovered the truth about Donna – she was in love with me! I mean, she had to be. Any woman who could witness (and sit through) the episode of “attack and destroy” I had employed on that bucket was either desperate for a man (and Donna wasn’t) or was madly in love! I decided that she was in love and the rest, as they say, is history! I know I am being a little silly. But you know, there is something about discovering that you are loved that changes your life … forever! A great movie can really “move” you. You movie buffs know what I mean. A good bucket of popcorn can bring much satisfaction. Fellow “munchers” can identify. But those of you who have discovered you are loved … your life has been changed! It’s been a number of years since our first movie together. I still like going to the movies. I now drink Diet Coke instead of the “real thing,” but I can still attack a bucket of popcorn! Mostly, I’ve never forgotten what it means to be loved … and to love. My love for Donna has grown through the years, and I believe she still loves me! It’s been a number of years since I first met Christ, but I’ll never forget the feeling of knowing I was loved! To believe, I mean really believe, “God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son” will change your life … forever! Once you embrace that Truth … once you kneel at that Cross … the rest is history! How about you? Have you knelt at the cross? Have you received the love and forgiveness offered by Jesus? I know, I know, it’s Valentine’s season and your mind is on relationships, gifts and cards, flowers and candlelight dinners. You’re just now getting ready for Valentine’s Day … so you’re thinking of … LOVE! But if you miss the cross … if you miss the new life and forgiveness (the Bible calls this salvation), if you miss the relationship with Him offered; then you have missed LOVE! So why not take a moment, right now? Quietly give thanks for the Giver and the Gift! Why not ask Him in … the Child in the manger … the Savior on a cross? Now that we have knelt, and received, let’s celebrate! Valentine’s is about many things. February is a great month! It is a month for celebrating … a month for giving … a month of faith … a month of hope … the month of love! Let’s make sure we express our love to the One who first loved us! And let’s spend some time with those who are “desperate in their love for us”! Ha! Ha! Who knows? Maybe we can go see a movie. Get the popcorn ready!

Author: Stephan Drew

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