A kinder world

By Bill Shepard

The world is in need of a little kindness!

I recall the words of the first George Bush speaking in one of his State of the Union addresses.

His words were “A kinder America!”

I believe that not only are those words needful for Americans but for all the world!

Kindness can be a far-reaching thing. Acts of kindness, words spoken in kindness, deeds done in kindness, all are hard to resist.

The word of one of the biblical characters says it best! Words fitly spoken are like apples of gold in pictures of silver. How beautiful are those words!

If I was an artist, I would paint that picture!

Good words! Kind words! Words spoken with respect for another’s position can be great healers.

Those seem to be missing jewels in many of today’s conversations! When politicians lose respect for other politicians, there can be little hope for agreement or compromise.

Another biblical question comes to mind that might be helpful.

The writer asks: “Can two walk together except they be agreed?”

I have experienced in my life of long years – the world gives back much like it receives. No, that is not the way it should be, but in reality, that is the way it is!

“If you kick my dog, I will kick your dog, or your cat!”

It has been said by many that America is the world’s leader! Millions have looked to our great homeland and desired to become a part of it!

Why? The answer might lie in what they saw, heard, or read about our way of life!

Oh yes, there have been troubles aplenty, disagreements enough, problems to be solved, those things and more, but sensible men and women, elected to serve and guide the nation through uncharted and troublesome circumstances, have come together.

The words “United we stand, divided we fall” have been our guiding star!

They have proven true in two world wars and lesser wars and skirmishes.

There is hope they may prove true again!

I once read a story about a boy sitting on a seashore and building sandcastles.

A large man came hurriedly walking by. Without seeing the boy and his sandcastles, he stepped on them, tearing them down. Without a word, he hurried on.

The boy looked at his sandcastles torn asunder and started to cry. Another man came along. He stooped down and began helping the boy rebuild his sandcastles.

In a short time, the boy was laughing and enjoying his playing. He had forgotten all about his sandcastles that had been destroyed.

There is a great need in our world for men like the second one in our story. You can be like that second man!

Author: Stephan Drew

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