What is this in Darlington County?

What is it in DC
Last week’s photo was of one of the pair of dogs that stand guard at the home on 405 Cashua Street. For St. Patrick’s Day, they wore quite fetching green attire!

Our builder friend Bill Segars said the home is the 1910 Skinner House, and has unique porch column shafts with the same diameter at the top and bottom, but larger in the center, topped with Ionic capitals.

Readers that guessed correctly include: Gayle Beckham, Bill Segars, Kay Jeffords, Pat Melton, Dawn Mixon, Ann Easterling and Suzanne Muldrow.

The most fun telephone call came from the young man that actually helped to decorate the dogs, James Mann, age 8! He called to tell us that he and his mom, Shaye Guffey, had worked together to decorated the dogs that are on his great grandmother’s house. He said to be sure to keep an eye on the dogs, because they will be decorated for Easter! Thank you, James, for the phone call!

This week is a “what” not a “where” photo. Can you guess what this device is in this week’s photo? One hint: it was in the back room of the News and Press, and being used currently as a standing desk. If you can identify it, please send your guesses to: editor@newsandpress.net or call 393-3811. Good luck!

Author: Duane Childers

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