Vintage Christmas lights are part of Lamar tradition

Scenes of the vintage Christmas lights in Lamar, SC. For over 50 years, the town of Lamar has put up these vintage lights along with their other Christmas decorations. PHOTOS COURTESY OF JANE WINDHAM’S COTTAGE AT THE CROSSROADS.

by Jane Windham

For as long as I can remember, the town of Lamar has put up these Christmas lights every year. And that’s well over 50 years! Not the snowflakes, but the strings of multi-colored bulbs that criss-cross Main Street. All opinions are my own. Since the wiring is so old and brittle and the bulbs are getting hard to find, there’s been talk of replacing them with something new and fancy. I say…NO WAY! In today’s vernacular, you could label these as vintage. That’s it, these are vintage lights which makes them hip and very vogue. Don’t you agree? Doesn’t this shot look like a movie set to you? If we would just park a ’57 Chevy, a 1955 GMC pickup truck, and a few other classic cars and trucks along Main Street, Hollywood could certainly recreate 1950s Small Town, USA. But this is not out of the 1950s. This is my hometown of Lamar today. And these Christmas lights bring back a lot of memories that I don’t want to lose. So be careful guys when you take these down again. Roll them up gently, store them away. These lights are special. — Jane Windham,


Author: Stephan Drew

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