Trinity Collegiate School beats state and national averages for SAT and ACT

Students at Trinity Collegiate School surpassed both the National and State average for the SAT and ACT scores. The statistics from the South Carolina Department of Education reported that the average SAT in the Palmetto state for the 2019-2020 year was 1019 and the reported average for the SAT nationally was 1030. However, Trinity Collegiate School average SAT was 1143 for the same year, beating both the national and state averages by 124 and 113 points respectively. For the ACT test, Trinity Collegiate School also out ranked both the state and national averages. Students at TCS averaged 23 on the ACT, while the State average was only 18.4 and the National Average was 20.7. Trinity Collegiate School standardized test scores as reported in the school profile online are as follows: SAT Averages Top 10% 1535 Top 30% 1343 Top 30% (M) 659 Top 30% (CRW) 684 Overall (CR and M) 1143 ACT Averages Top 10% Composite 33 Top 30% Composite 30 Overall Composite 23 Trinity Collegiate Head of School, Ed Hoffman, said that the high scores could be attributed to “the quality of teachers, the availably of AP and Honors classes offered and TCS, and the TCS curriculum which is not only tailored to each student, but pushes students to excel.” Trinity Collegiate School “offers one of the most robust and challenging curriculums of any school” says April Munn, Director of Admissions. “The school became one of the first schools in the state to offer Pre-AP classes last spring.” Munn continued that “the 8 Pre-AP courses offered, along with 21 AP Courses, 38 Honors Courses, and 28 College Placement Courses give our students a number of choices to challenge themselves and our high test scores indicate they are not only taking advantage of these courses, but the courses are contributing to their academic success both in the classes room, on standardized tests, and when they graduate. The success of Trinity Collegiate graduates is well-known, as 100% of the graduating class is accepted to 4 year colleges and universities. The school also received the recent distinction of being ranked 11th best private school in the State by and was voted best school in the Pee Dee. Trinity Collegiate School is currently accepting applications for students entering grades 6-12. Please contact April Munn at or 843-395-9124 for more information. Trinity Collegiate School is a coeducational, non-discriminatory day school in Darlington, South Carolina. The school’s mission is to operate exclusively as a college preparatory school of academic excellence; graduating well-rounded students of intellectual, social, and moral character ready to lead productive lives in a global society.

Author: Stephan Drew

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