The Next Generation: Designing her own future, with a love for math and drawing

Editor’s Note: Along with the women we feature who are currently working in male-dominated industries, we are featuring female students at the Darlington County Institute of Technology who are taking classes in some of those same fields. The DCIT staff has provided the biographies and photos of these students to us. We extend special thanks to Robbie Smith and Aurelia Burgess at DCIT for partnering with us on this project.

Divyaben Umeshkumar Patel is a junior at Hartsville High School. Divya is 17-years-old and, in addition to attending Hartsville High School, she is enrolled in Engineering Design I at the Darlington County Institute of Technology. Her engineering instructor is Mr. Daniel Woods. According to Mr. Woods, “Divya is an excellent student adept at working with engineering concepts & drawings. Additionally, she has many of the soft skills that will make her a successful engineer in the future. She is very organized and works hard on every project. Also, Divya has good team work skills and gets along well with her classmates.”

Divya plans to use her talents to pursue a career as a design engineer or architect. She is interested in this career choice because she loves math and and loves to draw. According to Divya, “among my many skills are doing calculations fast and drawing very detailed sketches so I definitely want to have a career that combines art and math.”

Divya is a quick learner and always has a positive attitude. She is a member of the National Honor Society and has a 4.4 GPA.

Her plans after high school are to go to college and major in Engineering. She feels her course at DCIT is helping her to gain the knowledge of what to expect in the field of engineering. She is not 100 percent sure if she wants be an engineer because she has changed her mind plenty of times. She does understand that the best way to be prepared regardless of career choice is to take a diverse course load and to do her absolutely best in all of these courses. Divya is considering attending Greenville Technical College immediately after high school to continue her education.

Author: mrollins

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