The benefits of working with personal trainers

Goals can be a motivating force that help people realize their full potential. When it comes to personal fitness, goals are often an essential component of getting healthy.

Achieving fitness-related goals is not always so easy. A 2018 survey from Cision and Varo Money found that 45 percent of respondents resolved to lose weight or get in shape in 2018. Many of those people made those efforts part of their New Year’s resolutions, which various studies have found have a high failure rate. In fact, one 2015 report from U.S. News indicated that 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions don’t survive to see the second week of February.

Fortunately, there are ways to clear the hurdles required to make significant lifestyle changes, particularly those associated with physical fitness. Whether they’re looking to lose weight, improve their overall health and/or simply hoping to look better in the mirror, many people find working with personal trainers is a good way to get on track and stay on track. People on the fence about hiring personal trainers can consider these benefits to working with these highly trained fitness professionals.

• Knowledge: Gyms often require their personal trainers to earn their personal training certifications, and many universities now even partner with specific certification programs so people who want to become personal trainers can earn both their degrees and their certifications. Knowledgeable, certified personal trainers can help their clients tailor their workouts around clients’ individual goals. After meeting with a client and learning about the client’s goals, trainers can design workout regimens specific to the individual. That personalization is not possible for people who design their workout regimens around generalized advice they find online or elsewhere.

• Motivation: Personal trainers also can provide the motivation their clients need to keep going. That’s valuable for anyone, but especially for people new to exercise of those who haven’t been physically active for some time. Trainers can motivate clients to finish sets when weightlifting, but also track clients’ progress between workouts. When delivered by a trained fitness professional, such progress reports can motivate people to keep working, especially during those times when they might be questioning their commitments to exercising.

• Variety: Many people quit working out due to something often referred to as “exercise boredom.” That’s the boredom that can set it when people perform the same exercise routine for weeks, months or even years at a time. Personal trainers can use their experience to create exercise regimens that change often enough to prevent exercise boredom from settling in.

• Avoid injury: Perhaps the biggest benefit to working with a personal trainer is that doing so can reduce risk for injury. Personal trainers know the appropriate ways to use exercise machines and watch their clients closely to ensure their form is always correct during a workout. Poor form or misuse of machines can lead to injuries that can quickly derail fitness goals.

Personal trainers can be invaluable assets for people looking to get or stay healthy.

Author: Stephan Drew

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