Technology an integral part of defensive driving

New Philips Vision LEDs turn on instantly for greater driving safety.

Safety is foremost on the minds of many drivers. Automobile accidents can be detrimental to a driver’s health as well as his or her wallet, causing potentially costly damage to vehicles and resulting in higher insurance premiums.

Driving defensively is a great way for drivers to reduce their risk of accident, but even the most cautious drivers are not entirely immune to collisions or fender benders.

Thankfully, drivers can do more than exercise caution to improve their overall safety on the road.

• Minimize distractions. Cautious drivers are always on the lookout for more careless motorists with whom they share the highways, but those same drivers may not realize they’re creating distractions within their own vehicles. Loud music blaring on car stereos, fuzzy dice or trinkets hanging from rearview mirrors and cluttered vehicle interiors can take a driver’s attention away from the road, decrease his or her visibility or make it more difficult to effectively operate a car or truck, each of which can increase a driver’s risk of accident. Limit such distractions inside your vehicle and ask any passengers to keep their voices low when coming along for a ride.

• Utilize automotive technology. Advancements in automotive technology have done much to make driving safer, but such advancements are not limited to rearview camera systems or other increasingly popular vehicle accessories. Philips Vision LED Lights employ new technology that is designed to replace the standard incandescent bulbs that most vehicles use for brake lights, taillights and backup lights. Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs that may take a little time to light up, Vision LED lights turn on instantly, helping to increase driver visibility. In addition, having brake lights that illuminate instantly makes it easier for other drivers to react to any sudden stops your vehicle may need to make.

• Make your car a smartphone-free zone. Smartphones have become so prevalent that many people may feel as though their smartphones are an extension of themselves. While smartphones can make life easier, they also can make driving more dangerous. When driving, store your smartphone in the glove compartment so you can avoid the temptation to read incoming emails or text messages when stuck in traffic or traversing busy highways.

• Choose lasting safety upgrades. Drivers concerned about the safety of their vehicles often choose to upgrade their lights to protect themselves and their passengers. Capable of handling extreme heat and high vibrations, Philips Vision LED Lights include a 12-year limited warranty, whereas traditional incandescent bulbs typically last just a few years before they need to be replaced. When making safety upgrades to your vehicle, make sure such upgrades are not just temporary adjustments but long-lasting changes that contribute to you and your passengers’ long-term safety.

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Author: Stephan Drew

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