Students ‘Headed To The Promise Land’ at Mechanicsville Baptist Vacation Bible School

This year our theme was Headed to The Promise Land as we studied the journey of Moses and the Israelites from when they left Egypt until they reached the Promise Land. The children and adults learned about how God provided for them even though they complained and were disobedient. Each night the classes got to play a life size Candy Land Game. The first class to reach the Promise Land won a container full of Candy and Prizes! The game included a six-foot-wide spinner and four-foot-tall game pieces.

We had over 200 children/youth & adults enrolled in VBS this year. This has been one of our largest crowds at VBS. We have been reaching out into the community and inviting people in to our church. This effort paid off tremendously with VBS. The two largest classes were the Adult class and the Youth class. They both had an average of 40 in attendance each night.

Pastors Frankie Tanner and Stanley Goodwin taught classes and headed up the Food Drive competition. Pastor Frankie Tanner (Team Sweet) and his team collected 2151 items and Pastor Stanley Goodwin (Team Sour) and his team collected 2570 items. There was a total of 4,721 items donated to the Lord Cares in Darlington from MBC VBS 2017.

Each year we collect a Mission Sock Offering during VBS. This year we were collecting to help a community in Nicaragua have clean water to drink and cook with. The water they currently have has caused the death of 8 people so far this year. The money collected will purchase a filtration system for each household in that community. We raised over $6000. This will be enough to complete that project by the end of the summer. We are so very thankful that we were given the opportunity to help such a loving community.

It is amazing to see the children bring their offering each night in a little sock. Those socks added up quickly!

We ended the week with a Promise Land celebration. We had plenty to celebrate too. There were 12 people that gave their hearts to the Lord and 28 people renewed their walk with the Lord. They wanted to make sure they were all on the right Journey Headed to the Promise Land. It was a wonderful Spirit filled week. We are planning for next year and excited to see what happens next in Mechanicsville.

Author: mrollins

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