Strictly business: Hartsville quickly handles issues

Councilmember Teresa Mack listens after a question about the Cemetery Fund transfer. PHOTO BY STEPHAN DREW

By Stephan Drew, Editor

In a meeting lasting less than 25 minutes, the Hartsville City Council  passed 8 Resolutions, one Ordinance and also dealt with new business and other matters as well. On Tuesday, August 8, 2023, Council held their regular monthly meeting and passed Ordinance 4456, which added recreational advisory options to the duties of the current Parks Committee. They also passed the following Resolutions:

Resolution 08-23-01, which approves the transfer of Cemetery Revenue to the Perpetual Care Investment Trust Fund. This comprises 10% of all cemetery lot sales on an annual basis.

Resolution 08-23-02, which approves the dissolution of the Hartsville Public Development Corporation (HPDC). The board of HPDC had previously determined that they are no longer serving the purpose for which it was formed or providing any meaningful benefit to the City or the surrounding community. The dissolution must be approved by Council and, it was.

Resolution 08-23-03, which approves the designation of the City of Hartsville as a Bee City USA Affiliate. The City of Hartsville has already met most of the requirements for this designation.

Resolution 08-23-04, which allows the city to be reimbursed in an amount not exceeding approximately  $2.3 million in proceeds of a lease purchase financing for the acquisition of certain capital items, including vehicles and needed equipment.

Resolution 08-23-05, which authorizes the City to adopt an Assessment and Appeals Policy for the administration of the City’s Business License Program.

Resolution 08-23-06, which approves an addendum to the Interjurisdictional Agreement with Alligator Rural Water and Sewer Company for wastewater treatment services. This gives the City of Hartsville full enforcement capabilities.

Resolution 08-23-07, which is an approval of an agreement by the State’s Detention Center in Columbia to house juveniles who are held in detention in SCDJJ facilities. 

Resolution 08-23-08, which provides for changes to the fees for use of the City-owned airport facilities. No changes were listed for Ramp Fees, Overnight Fees, Shade Hangar Fees, Tie Down Fees, or the hourly rental of the conference room. There will now be a $175 fee for T-Hangars with manual doors, $200 for T-Hangars with electric doors, and $400 for Large Hangers. There will also be a $300 charge for daily rental of the conference room, and a $100 hourly rental rate as well as a $600 daily rental rate for the entire space. The After Hours rental fee will be $25 per hour, after 5pm.

In other business, Council held a First Reading of Ordinance 4457, which makes changes to the services fees and parking fines in the City. There will be no changes to the $15 charge for parking in a no parking zone or the $25 charge for parking in a traffic lane, at a fire hydrant or blocking a sidewalk and/or driveway. However, the $100 charge for parking in a handicapped space will be $300 if the ordinance passes. 

Also held was a First Reading of Ordinance 4458, which considers changing City Code sections on parking fines to remove the specified amounts and update the language in the City Code to state that fines will be by reference and on file in the City Clerk’s Office. Council will hold a public hearing, before the 2nd Reading of these ordinances, at their next meeting, scheduled for  September 11, 2023.

Author: Stephan Drew

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