Society Hill Town Council approves solar farm resolution

By Melissa Rollins, Editor,

During the September 11 Society Hill Town Council meeting, council members voted to approve a resolution for solar farms.

Mayor Tommy Bradshaw told everyone present that he was authorizing councilwoman Deborah Harrell to use her role as Mayor Pro Tem in this particular situation and he would be recusing himself.

“Under new business, we are talking about the solar farms coming on the outskirts of Society Hill and part in Society Hill,” Bradshaw said. “The property that is on the outside of Society Hill belongs to me and I have leased it to them. The property on the agenda tonight does not belong to me, and does not directly affect me, but to make sure that there is not appearance of impropriety on my part, I am now recusing myself as mayor. I will step down from the chair and Deborah Harrell our Mayor Pro Tem will now take the chair and go forward.”
Once she was in control of the meeting, Harrell made a motion to enter into executive session to discuss the solar farm issue. Darlington County Administrator Charles Stewart and Darlington County Economic Development Director Frank Willis were involved in the executive session along with Harrell and councilwomen Carolyn Oliver, Michelle Steen and Tammy Gandy.

Once the council returned to a regular open session, they voted unanimously to approve the resolution ‘Authorizing the inclusion of certain property within the Town of Society Hill in a multi-county Industrial Park.’

The resolution read in part:
“Whereas, Darlington County, South Carolina, a political subdivision of the State of South Carolina (“Darlington County”) and Florence County, South Carolina, a political subdivision of the State of South Carolina (“Florence County”), as authorized pursuant to Article VIII, Section 13(D) of the Constitution of the State of South Carolina and Title 4 Chapter 1 of the Code of Laws of the State of South Carolina 1976, as amended, and specifically Section 4-1-170 thereof (collectively, the “Park Act”), entered into that certain Agreement Governing the Darlington-Florence Industrial Park dated April 21, 2016 to develop a joint county industrial or business park eligible to include property located in either Darlington County or Florence County (“the Park”); and Whereas, Watauga Solar, LLC is a limited liability company organized and existing under the laws of the State of South Carolina (the “Company”); and
Whereas, the Company is considering investing in a project (the “Project” with such term including any structure, improvements, and equipment purchased, constructed or leased) in order to produce and supply to the public electricity by conversion of solar energy at a site partially located at Tax Map Number 172-01-01-003 within Society Hill (the “Society Hill Property”); and
Whereas, the Company anticipates a total combined capital expenditure in the Project of at least $3,192,000; and
Whereas, Darlington County and Florence County entered into an Amendment to Agreement Governing the Darlington-Florence Industrial Park, such amendment dated August 16, 2018, to add the Society Hill Property to the Park.”

Author: Rachel Howell

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