Sober or Slammer program summer campaign results

The Hartsville Police Department participated in the Sober or Slammer Campaign from Aug. 21-Sept. 7. During this campaign, officers increased enforcement efforts including aggressive patrols for impaired drivers.
During the campaign, the Hartsville Police Department made the following arrests:
DUI, 6
Driving under suspension, 29
No driver’s license, 10
Alcohol law violations, 2
Child endangerment, 1
No seat belt, 15
Operating uninsured vehicle, 10
Drug violations, 9
Other traffic violations, 68
Please help keep the roads safe by not drinking and driving or getting a designated driver to take you home. If you see an impaired driver, call 911 or *HP immediately.
Below are some of the signs that may indicate an impaired driver:
• Making unusually wide turns
• Straddling the centerline or driving with their tires on the centerline
• Driving with head out of the window or with car windows down in cold weather
• Nearly hitting another vehicle, object, or person
• Weaving or swerving
• Driving on the shoulder of the road or in the emergency lane
• Driving with excessive speed or very low speed and changing speed rapidly or slowly
• Stopping without apparent cause
• Following too closely
• Drifting or braking erratically
• Driving in or crossing into opposite lanes of traffic

Author: Stephan Drew

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