Sheriff takes strong stance against violence

Darlington County Sheriff James Hudson Jr. FILE PHOTO

By Stephan Drew, Editor

Darlington County Sheriff James Hudson Jr. has taken a strong stance against the recent outbreak of unruly behavior at local high school football games. Following a disruptive incident during the Darlington vs. Hartsville game last Friday, which resulted in the evacuation of the stands, Sheriff Hudson has announced plans to address this issue head-on.

Sheriff Hudson expressed his deep concern about the behavior of certain spectators, stating that such conduct is “unacceptable and will not be tolerated.” To ensure the safety and enjoyment of future games, additional deputies will be deployed at the upcoming match between Hartsville and Camden. This proactive measure aims to deter any potential misconduct.

Furthermore, Sheriff Hudson has vowed to thoroughly investigate any incidents that occur during this week’s game and take appropriate action against those involved in disruptive behavior. This commitment to accountability is a clear message that disruptive conduct will face consequences.

In collaboration with the Darlington County School District, Sheriff Hudson is also working to implement preventive measures to keep troublemakers away from future games. The goal is to create a safe and enjoyable environment where spectators, including parents and students, can cheer for their teams without fear of disturbances.

As Darlington County prepares for more games, Sheriff Hudson’s dedication to ensuring a peaceful and secure atmosphere promises a brighter and more enjoyable future for high school sports in the area.

Author: Stephan Drew

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