Sheriff holds press conference

Darlington County Sheriff James Hudson Jr. held a press conference on Wednesday, June 7, 2023 to address the recent shootings in Darlington. One occurred on Mystic Pines Drive early last Sunday morning and another followed around 2am early last Wednesday morning. Sheriff Hudson asked for the community’s assistance, not only in identifying suspects but also in preventing further such events. Unfortunately, for various reasons, victims are reluctant to talk and give law enforcement officials the pertinent information they need to make an arrest. “I rely on people to help,” Hudson stated, “I know I can’t do this by myself.” The sheriff said his officers were out in the early hours of the morning and are still working on leads so they can make arrests. Surrounded by local pastors, city leaders and other law enforcement personnel, Hudson pleaded with the public to strengthen family and community bonds and recognize abnormal behavior in youths at an early age before they grow up into a life of crime. City Police Chief James “Jimmy” Davis also asked for more community involvement in mentoring and monitoring our youth. Both Hudson and Davis asked anyone who may have information to please come forward. For those who are worried about repercussions, Hudson and Davis assured those listening that it may be done in a completely anonymous manner. If anyone has any information about these incidents or other criminal activity, please contact the Darlington County Sheriff’s Dept. at 843-398-4501, the City of Darlington Police Dept. at 843-398-4026 or Pee Dee Crime Stoppers at 888-247-6372.

Author: Stephan Drew

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