Project Lifesaver finds ‘wanderers’

Darlington County Fire District (DCFD) Lt. Chris Murray (left) demonstrating the Project Lifesafer retrieval unit and Fire Captain Timmy Wallace holding the opened wrist unit to show the battery. PHOTO BY STEPHAN DREW

Project Lifesaver is a system used to locate adults and children that are considered “at-risk wanderers”. The system is maintained by the Darlington County Fire District (DCFD) and is funded completely by the Darlington Pilot Club. The loved ones (caregivers) are given a set of instructions which include: 1) How to test the battery on the bracelet, 2) Who to contact if their loved one goes missing, and 3) A list of instructions regarding information vital to locating the missing person.

Batteries are tested daily by the caregiver and replaced monthly by DCFD staff. The caregiver is instructed to NOT contact 911 first, as this will delay the process of getting the locating equipment to the last known location of the missing client. The authority having jurisdiction will be notified by DCFD as they are responding.

Persons who qualify for the program include, but are not limited to:

• Persons with autism

• Persons with dementia

• Persons with Alzheimer’s

• Persons with Down Syndrome

• Other at-risk wanderers that may be prone to life-threatening injury.

Please feel free to contact Chief Ricky Flowers at (843) 601-0665, or Captain Timmy Wallace at (843) 861-1964, with any questions or concerns.

Author: Stephan Drew

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