Pets of the Week

Your own personal cheerleader! Darling is such a vibrant, joyful lady with her book wide open and ready for that next, new, exciting experience. She had THE best time running and playing and burning off some energy when released into one of our exercise pens. Darling never meets a stranger (feels everyone is her new best friend!), so she can be a little forward in meeting some dogs but it’s all in good faith and with the net, end result of hopefully finding a playmate. Darling dives in feet first and makes the most out of every minute of the day. She’s hoping to hang by your side soon, so as a couple, you can go on one big grand adventure, together! Female; lab mix; 2 years old; 40 pounds

“Oh thank goodness you brought a dog for me to play with.” Meek Martin was very tentative in heading out to our front exercise area but gosh, when he was offered a chance to run loose and play with a pretty little female dog, he was all over the idea! Suddenly, we saw Martin’s tail wagging and flapping in the wind as he ran and played and wrestled with his new girlfriend. What a sight to see him happy and in his element! By himself, Martin is pretty reserved and shy and a bit stop and go on the leash. Just add another pet to the picture and you have a new, happy faced dog walking on the end of your leash. Martin is a sweet, gentle natured fellow and with just a little patience and definitely another pet or two in the mix, will surely blossom and morph into the pet he was meant to be. 1 year old; hound mix; male; 39 pounds

Author: Stephan Drew

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