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With a recent change in management and a new outlook on the delivery of news in Darlington County, the News & Press is excited to announce that we are revamping our newspaper and its content effective immediately.
The first change that will be made is a change in the name to show that we want to be inclusive of all of our communities in Darlington County. The newspaper will be changing its name from News & Press to Darlington County News & Press.
“In recent years, the focus of the News & Press has been primarily Darlington. After the Herald Group took over, we began hearing from Hartsville residents requesting that they get more coverage of their community. We hear you, Hartsville, and we will be making changes to accommodate this wish,” said General Manager Johnnie Daniels.
“While the Darlington County News & Press will still be covering Darlington, we are going to significantly expand our coverage of the Hartsville area,” said Daniels. “We will also be asking for more news and advertising from the Society Hill, Lydia, and Lamar areas. We want to be a true county newspaper.”
This change in news focus will be taking place immediately. “We see Hartsville as a valuable, noteworthy, and growing part of our county, and we want to reflect that in your county newspaper,” said Daniels. “You will soon see more of our news team and our ad sales team in the Hartsville community demonstrating our total commitment to the area.  We hope you will support us in trying to provide quality news and advertising to the people of Hartsville and all of our communities. We are ready and willing to serve you.”
Other changes have been in our office. The staff has been streamlined and improvements have been made to the office building. Prices have been adjusted to make the newspaper more viable. Billing is being handled at another office. We have also added 10 cent copies for the public. We invite you to stop in and see us. Also when you call our office, the phone will be answered, and our staff will be ready to serve your needs.
Other changes coming to the Darlington County News and Press will be announced as we continue to move forward with making improvements to the paper. “This will be a process, not a sprint, and we will appreciate your patience and understanding,” said Daniels.
“We think within the next 30-45 days that the readers will see a big difference in their newspaper. We look forward to being able to better serve all areas of Darlington County,” said Daniels.

Author: Stephan Drew

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