National Day of Prayer 2018

Pastor Bill Curtis of Cornerstone Baptist Church prays during the National Day of Prayer event in Darlington on May 3, 2018.
Photo by Melissa Rollins

The National Day of Prayer Celebration in Darlington was held Thursday, May 3 at Central Baptist Church. Several local pastors participated in the service praying for leaders on the national, state and county level. They also prayed for the education system and the students educated in it, local churches and the families that fill them. Below is an excerpt of two of the prayers. They have been condensed for space reasons.

Prayer for the President
Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful life that you’ve given us. You’ve given us this beautiful planet and you gave this nation where we live to us. You promised Abraham centuries, thousands of years ago, that you would bless his children, Lord, and we’d be given the best place to live and we have the United States of America. What a great country you have made for us. We have tried to lead the world, Lord, but we need your help. We need you to look down upon us and let each of us help make this a better place…Lord, our president has a hard road to go and we ask you to help him. You helped him to become our President of the United States. Let him work together with the other leaders of our great country to help it continue to be the best country that has ever been. Please look upon our senators and our representative in Congress, let them make decisions that are prudent and to continue in your word, Lord. We want to be a country under your grace; we want to be under your control, Lord Jesus. Please, lead us.

Prayer for the Governor
As we come on this day to prayer for our governor, Henry McMaster, his staff, the Congress, the Senate, we prayer today that the blessings of God be upon them. In the name of Jesus, we pray that you would look on his family, look on his cabinet, look on those that governor us, God. Give them wisdom, give them understanding to make the right decision that leads us and guides us. We pray that thou would give them health and strength. As we go through these trying times, you told us that we should pray and that when we go and pray you would bless them mightily; we thank you for it now.

Prayer for Darlington Mayor/Council
As we bow down in your presence, we recognize that our greatest need if for you to be at work in our lives and in our community, our nation and our world. You have given to use the power of the Gospel that can transform a community…We pray for our mayor, Gloria Hines, and the council that works with her.

We ask, gracious Lord, that you would give to them wise counselors like Daniel and that you would be at work in them to bring together our community; to unify us as we have been unified with you, reconciled with God, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ….He is the one who is the mediator between people of all kinds of backgrounds, not matter the languages that we speak or the color of our skin, or our economic status, it is Jesus Christ who brings goodness into our community and unites us and helps us to build a better community…Let his wisdom, his love, his kindness by the power of the Holy Spirit who bears those fruits come into the life of our mayor and our council and therefore also come into the life of our community.

Author: Duane Childers

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