Midnight swimmers sneak into Hartsville water park

Hartsville’s Neptune Island Water Park during a recent summer
season. FILE PHOTO

From Staff Reports

The Hartsville Police Department is having a little problem with that city’s Neptune Island waterpark: It’s so popular, some people are sneaking in after hours even though the park is in its off season.
The Police Department spells it all out on their Facebook page:
“We are glad that people were able to visit and enjoy Neptune Island, even with the COVID hours and distancing. In fact, some people apparently miss Neptune Island so much right now that they are sneaking in at night and swimming in the lazy river.
“Don’t do this! Why?
“It’s trespassing, for one. You could get arrested and go to jail, and be banned from Neptune Island. None of which are worth a nighttime dip in the lazy river.
“It’s dangerous. There are no lifeguards in the off-season. If you slipped and fell and hurt yourself, or hurt yourself in the water, there’s no one around to pull you out. Even if you’re with friends, people doing unlawful things often panic and run away, leaving the injured to fend for themselves.
“It could be unhealthy. In the off-season, the amount of chlorine and other water-improving chemicals are reduced. There are enough chemicals in there to keep the water from turning green, but there will be increased levels of bacteria. People swimming in the water may further increase the levels of bacteria, and it could make you sick.
“There are cameras at Neptune Island. Yes, we can see you in there. … We would rather no one get in trouble, no one get hurt, and no one get sick. The city invites you back to Neptune Island next season, but for now, the park is closed. See you next summer!”

Author: Stephan Drew

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