Message from the Hartsville Mayor

Hartsville Mayor Casey Hancock. FILE PHOTO

Dear Hartsville,

This week, Senator Gerald Malloy called to share the good news that several projects within the City of Hartsville were fully funded in the State Budget to the tune of over 35 million dollars. That’s 35 million dollars in new funding for the City of Hartsville and organizations that serve our community!

These funds will join previously announced grants for a total of over 44 million dollars for projects coming to Hartsville. The City will be using 526,396 dollars of the new funds for the important work of preservation and beautification of both Greenlawn and Historic Marion Avenue Cemeteries. In the coming weeks, other projects funded by these monies be announced by their recipients that serve our community.

These projects will enhance the quality of life for all our citizens, preserve our shared heritage, and lay the groundwork for further economic and community development. We are ensuring that Hartsville remains better than it has to be for future generations.

We are grateful to Senator Gerald Malloy, Representative Robert Williams, and Representative Cody Mitchell for their tireless efforts and support of our community.



Author: Stephan Drew

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