McLeod Loop service road offers patients, visitors easier access

McLeod Regional Medical Center has announced the opening of a new service road on the main campus in Florence. The new road, called the McLeod Loop, connects William H. Johnson Street and Griffin Street on the east side of campus, to South Ravenel Street on the west side, and provides access to both the McLeod Pavilion Tower as well as the parking decks on campus. The McLeod Loop provides visitors and employees with a more efficient way to navigate the campus of McLeod Regional Medical Center in addition to offering space for future facility growth and development on the hospital’s campus. Will McLeod, Administrator of McLeod Regional Medical Center, knows the importance of continuous growth and development in order to meet the needs of patients. “The completion of the McLeod Loop ensures future growth for McLeod Regional Medical Center, and provides easier access to our existing facilities,” McLeod said, adding, “Having the space and ability to expand allows us to continue to provide excellence of care to the people in our region. The McLeod Loop supports easier navigation around the McLeod Regional Campus, as well as access to specialty treatment areas.” The McLeod Loop is already proving to aid in the growth and development of McLeod Regional Medical Center. Along with construction of the McLeod Loop, new parking spaces for both patients and employees were also created. In the near future, the McLeod Loop will also provide access to the new Emergency Department that is scheduled to open in the spring of 2021. “Last year at McLeod Regional we saw more than 63,000 patients in our Emergency Department even with the pandemic,” said Liza McDowell, Associate Vice President of Patient Services. “Approximately 25 percent of those patients arrive to us via EMS. As we make preparations to open our new Emergency Department, the McLeod Loop will serve as a crucial source of entry for some of our most vulnerable patients and their families. Our community partners of EMS and law enforcement will utilize this road for entry to the new department. We are thankful to have the McLeod Loop to better serve our patients.” The construction project was completed promptly, and leaders at McLeod welcome the opening of the McLeod Loop. “We are very pleased to have the McLeod Loop completed in just six months,” said Dale Locklair, Senior Vice President of Planning and Facilities Management. “It has been a long time coming and we are glad Bruce Barragan could be here to celebrate with us. The McLeod Loop was his vision and it is now a reality.” Barragan, former CEO and President of McLeod Health, and his wife, Mary, were in attendance for the McLeod Loop opening celebration Nov. 10.

Author: Stephan Drew

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