March to DHS grads: “We are powerful. We can change the world around us for the better”.

More than 200 seniors, their friends and families packed the Florence Center (formerly the Florence Civic Center) June 7 to bid the Darlington High School Class of 2018 farewell. Several Board of Education Scholars addressed their classmates, wishing them well in their future endeavors and reminiscing about the last four years and the memories they made. The Heart of the Falcon Award was given to Kyra March, who also gave the commencement message.

“All of us have our own dreams and goals that we wish to soon accomplish. Even though they are all different and are all unique they all equal that same sense of achievement that Miss Lenard always mentioned. I want to personally congratulate you all for coming this far. There are many individuals who cannot say that they were granted the opportunity to walk across this stage with their peers.

Now that we have reached this goal it is time to start setting new ones. We’ve kept achievement the main thing for four years and we must continue to do so as we take our next steps in life. One thing that may hold a lot of us back is fear. When I sat at home the other night it dawned on me that my high school career was over and I would not see the same faces every day. It was actually quite overwhelming. A lot of us have come to realize that the real world is now upon us. However, we must respond to this fear in a positive manner and make a choice.

We should never fear what we have the potential to exceed. Each one of you has already accomplished one huge feat, which is graduating high school. Now as we enter the real world we have to each know for ourselves that we are adequate. We are powerful. We can change the world around us for the better. I want you all to use that fear that you may have right now and turn it into a source of inspiration. Never let yourself shrink because of it. This class has done so much over the last four years and has such a bright future.”

Find Darlington High’s graduation ceremony photos here.

Author: mrollins

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