Letters to the Editor – October 28, 2015

Reader expresses opinion about the Darlington elections

Editor’s Note: This letter arrived after we had sent our paper to the printers. Due to the time constraints between the paper and the election, we have decided to print this letter to the editor on our website.

As I have grown older and wiser I have learned some valuable lessons, such as when to speak and when to shut up and observe. I promised myself that I would keep to myself until after the candidate forum on October 22, 2015. Well the forum has come and gone and I now break my silence.

I have watched the papers, listened to the people and have come to this conclusion, in this year’s crop of candidates, we have some very interesting characters. Let me state at this point, the views expressed by this citizen of Darlington do not reflect the views of this publication or its parent company, that being said let’s proceed.

Darlington does not need a Mayor that will not unite the city. Anyone no matter what their skin color that cannot comprehend this is delusional. The only color that matters in this race is the color of “economic development” and that is green. Although the soon to be former Mayor and I may not agree on everything I respect him for his desire to see our city grow.

The next mayor of Darlington needs to be a leader that is neither a polarizing individual, seeking a vendetta, have a hidden agenda nor an individuals seeking to win the election by hook or crook. I do not believe the people of Darlington would support such a mayor. The candidate’s ethics must be without question and any individual that will not hold to the high ethical standards of this office, is not worthy to hold said office.

At some point one must discern, which individuals running for mayor are really serpents that are trying to get us to eat the forbidden fruit? We stand the precipice of a great change let us strive for it to be for the better and not the worse. I will not endorse a candidate; only make one aware of the consequences of the wrong choice.

Rujon Williams

Author: Duane Childers

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