Letters to the Editor – November 11, 2015

Why you should vote for my mom as mayor of Darlington

I don’t consider myself a “political person” so anyone who knows me knows that I have expressed hesitance for my mom running for mayor. The reasons why I have been hesitant are the exact reasons why you should vote for her.

She has no selfish “political agenda,” her motivation truly is people. From an insider’s point of view, I have witnessed, for countless years, my mom waking from her sleep and answering the door at 6 a.m. for people in need, picking up the phone in the middle of the night for someone whose child needs help, running around town to multitask with numerous events that have nothing to do with herself- and sometimes for people who once had negative opinions about her.

My mom is not the candidate who can be persuaded or “purchased.” She doesn’t feel the need to always deal with “political lingo and etiquette,” although she can speak with the best of them. She simply speaks the truth, from a genuine place in her heart and always fights for what is right with no racial bias. She will even tell ME when I am wrong. She is literally the most giving person that I know. When I want her to focus on herself, she is always focused on others (hence my protection for my mom and my hesitance).

My mom’s passion is genuinely HELPING and GIVING. Being mayor is simply a platform for her to be able to give back to a community that she has ALWAYS given to. When you vote, vote for who you know truly has always been there for your community and who truly cares. Vote for the one who has a proven track record to give and get things done despite racial or political opposition. Vote for the person who always keeps it real, will stand up against anyone to fight and speak the truth and who has had Darlington’s back through thick and thin. Vote for my mom, Gloria Cheeseboro Hines.

Brandy Sims
Atlanta, GA

Resident endorses Jim Stone

Jim Stone truly cares about this town! How many people can honestly say they’ve dedicated a lifetime to taking care of the people in this town? If the story I’m about to tell doesn’t show the character of this man, I don’t know what does.

In December 1999, I was in 6th grade and in ALERT. Late that December night, we were getting ready to take our big trip to New York City. All of us kids were so excited! As we were loading the bus, it turned out there was a problem with the bus driver’s license. We had NO bus driver, we were due to be in Charlotte to catch our flight in a few hours and this was late at night. We were distraught and upset that we may not make it on time. We needed someone who could drive a bus and we needed them quick! Who came to our rescue, got up out of bed as soon as he got the phone call and drove us to Charlotte in the middle of the night? None other than Jim Stone!

How many of you would do that for a bunch of kids?!?! Had it not been for his generosity that night, we may not have made our trip. I still to this day talk about when I got to go to NYC, how it feels now knowing I was able to stand on the roof of one of the Twin towers and the fact that we got to see one of the last Broadway showings of Cats! I am eternally grateful to Mr. Stone for that!

If he took the time for a bunch of kids just to drive them to an airport, imagine what he’d do for the town we live in? Remember this when you cast your vote November 17th!

Ashley Kelly Stanley
Darlington, S.C.

Reader expresses opinion on election coverage

I just wanted to let you know what I thought about your coverage of the Darlington City election in the newspaper and on your website and Facebook page. I think you did an outstanding job. Being from Connecticut. and the likes of the “Hartford Courant” and “The New Haven Register,” you are truly up there with the big newspapers! Your reporting and election results were on the mark and very informative and timely. The forum was just “big city” reporting at its best.

I have been living here for 15 years, and when I got here it was a small town paper. Your paper has come a long way, especially with this election! Thank you so much for your hard work, you make Darlington proud!

Donna Jeanfavre
Darlington, S.C.

Author: Jana Pye

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