LETTER TO EDITOR — Reader says “Stop the calls!”

Dear Editor,

This is a letter to Senators Graham and Scott and all of our representatives to Washington.  When you’re campaigning you promise to work for us – which you’re supposed to do anyway when we hire you with our votes – but somehow that promise is conveniently forgotten for your corporate friends.

Well, here’s a way you can actually help us.  For the last four years we have been harassed by telemarketers calling us every day except Sunday.  I get an average of 20 calls a day totalling 6,200+ a year.  At 15 a day that’s 4,700 calls a year to drive everybody crazy.  Even if you have a smartphone with an app to block calls or answering machine you still get calls.  When we ask them not to call back, they keep calling without ceasing, and that goes way beyond their first amendment rights!  So rein in these aggravating folks; call off the dogs because as consumers we know what’s going on through advertisements on TV, newspapers, magazines, and the internet.  We don’t need these calls interfering with our normal every day lives.

So get started on a bill or a law to eliminate these unnecessary phone calls.  Or if you can’t, or won’t, then resign and we’ll elect people who really will work for us.

Francis Parnell

Darlington, SC

Author: Stephan Drew

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