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The modern world is driven by technology. People rely on tech for both business and pleasure, rarely letting a day pass without using a device or the internet. But technology is only as effective as its functionality. Failure to clean and maintain tech can compromise its effectiveness.
Cleaning and maintenance may not sound like exciting tasks, but they’re essential for keeping devices running smoothly. Even if one thinks their home or office environment is squeaky clean, dust can accumulate. According to TechRepublic, which empowers decision-makers to identify technologies and strategies to streamline business processes, dust is a fearsome foe in the tech environment. Cleaning dust, among other tasks, is necessary for continued operations.
Physical cleaning
Take time to assess the cleanliness of all hardware and other equipment. Gather supplies for proper cleaning, including canned air, tech-safe cleansing wipes, dusters, and a good measure of elbow grease. Target the exterior of the device, cooling vents, ports, the device’s display, keyboard, and mouse. All it takes is one small foreign particle to derail components.
DVD and CD-ROM drives (if your computer has them) can be cleaned with special kits and disks.
Don’t forget to inspect outlets and surge protectors. Electric current tends to attract dust bunnies and other debris, which can cause a fire if allowed to accumulate.
Data cleaning
Routinely install updates to keep devices running efficiently and safely. Many updates contain security patches that protect the integrity of your data and maintain the operating system.
The tech resource IT Freedom advises conducting an internal cleaning of any devices. This involves deleting any unnecessary files to free up space, or to remove apps that are not needed. In addition, cut down on the number of tasks running in the background, which can affect speed and efficiency.
If speed is a concern or if the battery is being drained on mobile devices, try turning off WiFi or Bluetooth when it is not being used.
Backups and security
Data breaches have made headlines, and many people have had the displeasure of losing data when a computer or other device fails. Keep personal logins and passwords secret, update virus protection software as needed, don’t transmit vital information over unsecured connections, and routinely back up information to a cloud or external storage device.
Keeping computers, tablets, mobile phones, and other devices clean is essential to ensuring they continue to work effectively.

Author: Stephan Drew

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