‘I would like more stuff, but I don’t want to stress you out’

By Bobby Bryant, Editor, editor@newsandpress.net

In today’s issue of the News & Press, you’ll find our annual Letters to Santa special section.

We received about 165 letters from Darlington-area elementary-school students telling the Jolly Old Elf what they wanted for Christmas – and in many letters, expressing concern for his health because he works so hard and asking about his finances.

Is he getting stressed out? Does he have enough money to do a worldwide gift-drop? Are the reindeer holding up OK? There’s a tinge of worry in some students’ letters – either about Santa or about a family member.

We collected memorable quotes from this year’s Letters to Santa:

“This is the busy time of the year for you and I hope you are doing okay. You are the awesome and best man.”

“Are you tired of making toys yet?”

“Are your elves tiny, medium or big?”

“Where do you get all of that money from?”

“I would like more stuff, but I don’t want to stress you out.”

“I know that you are very busy but please get some rest.”

“The elves are tired, I think. Santa, you are real, but you don’t have magic.”

“I like technology. … I would like an iPad Pro and clothes. If you can’t make the presents, I could get a teddy bear or dairy.” (Editor’s note: We’re unsure if the student meant he or she wanted a dairy to raise cows or a diary to write in.)

“I love Santa! I want my family to get rich! I love Christmas!”

“I am smart and funny. … I help people up if they fall and I ask them if they are okay.”

“I did really bad things in the past, but I have turned it around.”

“This year, I have been good some of the time.”

“Please, please, whatever you do, please do not wake up Daddy.”

“A Special Request: Please help my MOM with MS!!!!!!!”

“I also want to leave some books under the tree for the kids who are homeless.”

“For Christmas, I would like for my mom to stop crying for my dad. I just want her to be happy.”

“I would also like to give you some of my old toys to the children who don’t have anything to play with.”

“All I want for Christmas is my family.”

Author: Stephan Drew

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