Hartsville Red Foxes loses to Irmo Yellow Jackets

Running Back Carmello McDaniel rushing the ball downfield. SHOT BY B. KOLE

Running Back Carmello McDaniel rushing the ball downfield. SHOT BY B. KOLE

By Brayson Aldrich

With both teams coming into this game undefeated, one team was bound to take a loss. Unfortunately, the Hartsville Red Foxes were the team that took their first loss of the season. In the first quarter, Irmo brought the energy with two touchdowns and stopping Hartsville from scoring at all. In the second quarter, Junior Damarion Coe made a huge play as he scored a touchdown on a punt return. However, the team’s offensive woes continued with plays from Irmo’s defense stopping the Red Foxes from gaining any real yardage. Irmo continued to run the ball, gaining another two touchdowns and putting the score at 28-7 before halftime. 

During halftime, Hartsville announced its 2023 Homecoming King and Queen as well as the runner ups. The title of 2023 Hartsville High School Homecoming Queen went to Ja’marria Pendergrass, and the title of 2023 Hartsville High School Homecoming King went to JaQuez Coe. Lily Cabrera was named Miss Senior and Carmello McDaniel was named Mr. Senior. Congratulations to all.

In the third quarter, both teams exchanged rushing touchdowns with Hartsville’s touchdown being scored by Running Back Carmello McDaniel. With the score being 35-14, Hartsville looked to try to score more with their run game, but after an injury to McDaniel, the Red Foxes offense continued to struggle against the Yellow Jacket’s defense. The fourth quarter had a huge touchdown play from Wide Receiver Jackson Moore. The Red Foxes then went for an onside kick on the return, which proved to be successful. However, the offense just couldn’t get another first down and turned possession over to the Yellow Jackets late in the fourth quarter. The game wrapped up with a score of 35-21 in favor of the Irmo Yellow Jackets. Hartsville will look to recover over the week before heading to South Florence and taking on the undefeated Bruins in region play. 

Author: Stephan Drew

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