Hartsville bids farewell to city manager Zeigler

Hartsville City Staff presented departing city manager Natalie Zeigler with a replica of the volcano at Neptune Island. Pictured left to right: Mayor Mel Pennington, Chief Jerry Thompson, Shannon Munoz, Lauren Baker, Sherron Skipper, Russell Slatton, Natalie Zeigler, Chief Jeff Burr, Rebecca Mejia-Ward, Karen Caulder, and Jordan Braddock. PHOTO COURTESY CITY OF HARTSVILLE.

By Samantha Lyles
Staff Writer


Hartsville City Council met June 9 to pass final reading of the city’s 2020-21 fiscal year budget and to say fond farewells to departing city manager Natalie Zeigler.
“Thank you, Natalie. You’ve helped me grow as a council member over the last 10 years. We’re going to miss you,” said Councilman Bob Braddock.
“When I think of Natalie, I think of integrity, honesty, vision, and I am proud of her tenure here. She’s brought us all a long way as a council,” said Mayor Pro Tem Johnny Andrews.
Zeigler served as city manager for nearly 10 years, and recently announced she was leaving to become city administrator in Goose Creek. Near tears as she said goodbye to council members, Zeigler expressed gratitude for her time with the city.
“Thank you for taking a chance on me,” she said. “It’s been almost a decade and I feel like we’ve done some really cool stuff here in Hartsville. I have missed a lot of things with my family, but I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished. … I’m excited to see what Daniel’s going to do and I feel like the next decade could be even better.”
Hartsville’s new city manager Daniel Moore (formerly city administrator with Goose Creek) said he is ready to hit the ground running.
“This is my second day on the job,” said Moore. “I’m very excited to be here. I’ve met a lot of the staff and they’re an excellent group.”
On the meeting’s regular agenda, council passed final reading of the 2020-21 budgets, including a $10.2 million general fund.
Other budgets include $6.3 million for the Water, Sewer and Waterpark Infrastructure Fund, $656,000 for the Infrastructure Fund, $1.4 million for the Solid Waste Fund, $976,366 for the Hospitality Fee Fund, $176,750 for the Accommodations Tax Fund, $165,000 for the Debt Service Fund, $125,973 for the Storm Water Fund, and $70,000 for the Recreations Concessions Fund.
Section 2 of the budget indicates that millage will remain unchanged. It states “a tax of one hundred thirty-five and nine tenth (135.9) mils upon each one thousand ($1,000) in value of real estate and personal property of every description owned and used in the City of Hartsville.”
These budgets go into effect on July 1.
Council passed final reading of Ordinance 4390, amending the 2019-20 fiscal year budgets, without objection. The agenda stated that this ordinance “is necessary because the city wishes to fund several projects throughout the city and multiple projects have extended beyond the fiscal year.”
The amended budget for the Water/Sewer/Waterpark Fund sets revenues at $7,090,108 and expenditures at $6,779,215.
Final reading of Ordinance 4391 passed as well, raising the residential solid waste user’s fee each year for the next three years. The increase is set at $1 per month for FY 20-21 (up from $21.19 to $22.19), $1 per month for FY 21-22 (up from $22.19 to $23.19) and $1 per month for FY 22-23 (up from $23.19 to $24.19). The extract states the fee increase “is necessary to fund the continued operations and capital needs.”
Council approved first reading of Ordinance 4393, an installment purchase transaction to refinance a series of bonds issued. The extract explains this move will allow the city to redeem outstanding financings to decrease annual debt service and improve the city’s annual cash flows on a short-term basis.
Ordinance 4394 passed first reading without objection. This measure would expand permissions regarding the public consumption of alcohol to include future businesses in the Canal District and The Vista, thereby making the development area more appealing to potential investors.
Council also approved distribution of $107,218 in state-local accommodations tax revenue as follows:
HCDF Hartsville Tourism Office: $45,858
HCDF Hartsville Tourism Office/Neptune Island – Marketing: $20,000
Butler Heritage Foundation Advertising for Heritage Week: $5,000
Hartsville Community Center Building Commission Digital Sound Upgrade: $10,000
S.C. Junior Golf Foundation Advertising: $8,186
EdVenture Advertising: $2,000
Hartsville Museum Foundation Exhibits: $2,173
Black Creek Arts Council Yoga Festival: $2,000
YMCA of the Upper Pee Dee: $2,000
Greater Hartsville Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center: $10,000
The next regular meeting of Hartsville City Council is scheduled for July 14 at 5:30 p.m., to be held in the Council Chambers at 100 East Carolina Avenue. This meeting will be open to the public, with social distancing guidelines observed.

Author: Stephan Drew

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