Georgia-Pacific invests $145 million into Darlington

Workers at Dixie Cup in years past. FILE PHOTO

Georgia-Pacific plans to make an investment of more than $145 million at its Darlington, South Carolina, Dixie plant that will expand plate and bowl making operations. This investment is based on customer and consumer demand for these well-known household products. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Georgia-Pacific, a leading provider of consumer products, recently made a significant announcement regarding its investment in the Dixie plant located in Darlington, South Carolina. The company plans to invest over $145 million to modernize and expand the facility’s plate and bowl capacity, signaling a major transformation for the plant and the local community.

Abraham Adkins, the plant director for the Darlington Dixie operations, expressed his excitement about the investment, stating, “This is an exciting investment for our employees and our community. It will transform the Darlington plant into a modern and competitive operation.” The move is expected to enhance the plant’s capabilities and make it more competitive in the market.

The expansion project is set to commence in March, with completion anticipated by early 2022. Throughout the expansion process, the plate plant will continue to operate, ensuring a seamless transition for ongoing production. As part of the investment, new machinery, including a state-of-the-art plate printing press, will be installed. Additionally, a modern warehouse will be constructed, further improving the facility’s operations and logistics.

David Duncan, the executive vice president for Georgia-Pacific’s Consumer Products Group, emphasized the company’s commitment to its customers and consumers. He stated, “This truly is an investment in our customers and consumers who use our products and value the Dixie brand.” Georgia-Pacific aims to enhance its offerings and provide an improved experience for its loyal customer base.

In conjunction with the expansion, Georgia-Pacific also revealed its plans to shut down the Darlington cup plant by September and the current distribution center at some point in 2021. However, customers will not be left without options, as the Dixie plants in Lexington, Kentucky, and Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, will continue to serve them. The company has pledged to support the affected employees during this transition by offering opportunities within plate operations, other roles within Georgia-Pacific or other Koch companies, or even assisting them in finding opportunities outside the organization.

Georgia-Pacific’s decision to invest in the Dixie plant in Darlington demonstrates its long-term vision and commitment to innovation and growth. By modernizing and expanding the facility’s plate and bowl capacity, the company aims to stay competitive in the ever-evolving consumer products market. Moreover, this investment will create a positive ripple effect within the community, fostering economic development and job opportunities.

As the expansion project progresses, Georgia-Pacific and its dedicated workforce in Darlington, South Carolina, are poised to take the Dixie brand to new heights. The investment not only showcases the company’s dedication to providing high-quality products to its customers but also its commitment to supporting its employees and the communities in which it operates.

Author: Stephan Drew

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