Flat tire? Police to the rescue

Posted on the Hartsville Police Department’s Facebook page:

Police Officers get called to many non-police related events because people sometimes don’t know where else to turn.
In the spring we occasionally remove snakes from houses and yards, we regularly unlock cars when people leave their keys inside, and sometimes we have to educate young drivers on how to change tires. A very distraught person called us earlier and officers went to assist her with changing a tire.
Please make sure if you don’t know how to change a tire, or if you’re physically incapable of changing the tire: know where your tire changing “stuff” is! Your car should have a jack, a spare tire, a tire iron, usually a jack wrench of some sort (although this one did not), and in some cases, (like this one) special lug nut tools. If the last time you saw your spare was in 2002 when you bought your car, please take a look at it and maybe have a tire shop inspect it. It’s a bad feeling to get halfway through a tire change and find the spare is dry-rotted or the special lug-nut “security” tool is missing.
We sent this young driver on her way with instructions.

Author: Stephan Drew

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