Fisherman, conservationist helps clean up community

On Tuesday, June 20, 2023, Adrian Street (shown here) picks up cans, bottles and trash at the boat landing at Lowthers Lake in Darlington County. PHOTO BY STEPHAN DREW

Adrian Street, cleaning up Williamson Park on Tuesday, June 20th. PHOTO BY STEPHAN DREW

By Stephan Drew, Editor

A young resident of Darlington has embarked on a remarkable mission to preserve the natural beauty of this area. Along with a dedicated group of friends, Adrian Street spends his weeks picking up trash at various locations, including Lowthers Lake boat landing, Cashua Ferry Road boat landing, and Williamson Park. An avid fisherman and passionate conservationist, he understands the importance of maintaining a clean environment for the benefit of both wildlife and the local community.

Every week, Adrian and his group diligently set out to collect cans, bottles, plastic, and other debris that litters these public areas. Even in the pouring rain, last Tuesday, though soaking wet, he trudged through the mud and branches, picking up various types of discarded items. “I come out here, rain or shine,” Street said, “the rain doesn’t bother me a bit.”

Their efforts have made a noticeable difference, but the magnitude of the task requires a constant supply of resources. Currently, they utilize an impressive 40 large trash bags each month to accommodate the amount of waste they collect.

Recognizing the need for community support, Adrian and his team are now reaching out to fellow residents to contribute large trash bags to their cause. This simple donation can go a long way in ensuring that their cleanup efforts can be sustained and expanded. By providing these essential supplies, the community can actively participate in the preservation of their local environment and foster a sense of collective responsibility.

“The city and county have a lot to take care of,” he said, “they can’t do it all.” He complimented Darlington Mayor Curtis Boyd for his efforts over the past few years. “You can drive around and see him out there cutting limbs, raking leaves and picking up trash,” Street said, “but, even as hard as he works, he can’t be everywhere.”

Street’s dedication to both fishing and conservation has been a driving force behind his decision to take action. As a fisherman, he has witnessed firsthand the detrimental impact of pollution on aquatic ecosystems. Trash and debris not only harm fish and other aquatic species but also disrupt the delicate balance of the entire ecosystem. By removing this waste from the lakes and boat landings, Adrian hopes to create a healthier environment for both wildlife and fellow anglers. 

Beyond the ecological benefits, his efforts also contribute to the aesthetic appeal and recreational value of these public spaces. Lowthers Lake, Cashua Ferry Road boat landing, and Williamson Park are all popular destinations for locals and visitors alike.

By keeping these areas clean and free of litter, Adrian’s group is enhancing the overall experience for everyone who enjoys these outdoor spaces. But, he also admits, it’s just common courtesy. “It just doesn’t make any sense,” he said, “if you like coming to fish or love walking in the park, why would you trash the thing you love?”

The call for large trash bag donations is a fantastic opportunity for the community to rally behind Adrian Street and his team’s mission. By providing the necessary supplies, residents can directly contribute to the ongoing efforts of maintaining the cleanliness of these public areas. A simple act of generosity can make a significant impact on the preservation of the natural beauty that makes Darlington such a special place to live and visit.

If you would like to support Adrian and his group, consider donating large trash bags to their cause. Together, we can all play a part in creating a cleaner and more sustainable environment for future generations. This group’s dedication to preserving the community’s natural beauty serves as an inspiring reminder that we each have the power to make a difference. Please contact Adrian by texting or calling him at 843-307-5133. And, remember to keep our landscape beautiful by not littering. 

Author: Stephan Drew

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