Fire Dept. Captain burned in explosion

Darlington Fire Dept. Captain Johnny Deas, who was recently burned in an accidental explosion. FILE PHOTO

Darlington Fire Department Captain Johnny Deas was seriously burned on Tuesday, February 28, 2023, when torch hoses exploded as he and his son, Clint, worked to remove their family business sign. On social media, Clint shared the following: “If you don’t think your life can change in a second just look at these pictures the imagine one second you are working standing next to your father the next fireball and explosion and you running and he is on the ground everything else in your life is a blur after that everything is just on autopilot your mind and body just goes crazy.. if everyone could please say a prayer for my dad they are getting ready to transport him to Augusta to the burn center.”

Deas is receiving treatment at the Augusta Burn Center for second-degree burns on his right leg as well as second and third-degree burns on his left leg, and other small burns on his arms and other areas from the heat.

Deas’ coworkers and many around Darlington County are praying for a swift recovery.

Author: Stephan Drew

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