Everyone can vote absentee in primaries, runoffs

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You might not need that face mask after all to vote in the June 9 Republican and Democratic primaries.
Thanks to a bill that Gov. Henry McMaster signed into law last week, all voters in South Carolina are now eligible to vote absentee in the primaries and the June 23 runoffs.
During the month of June -and only that month – all voters are now legally qualified to vote absentee under the law McMaster signed into effect, easing officials’ worries about people spreading the coronavirus because they had to stand in line at the polls.
You can still vote in person if you wish, but now you have an option that previously was only available to voters under certain circumstances.
“This action by the General Assembly and Gov. McMaster, which we greatly appreciate, will go a long way in protecting the health and safety of every South Carolinian,” said Marci Andino, executive director of the State Election Commission. “All voters now have a safe alternative to voting at their polling place in June.”
Normally, the state requires that absentee voters must have a reason for voting absentee – such as being 65 or older, having a disability or caring for someone who is ill.
Any voter can now select “Reason 18 – State of Emergency” on the absentee application.
If you’re voting absentee by mail, state officials advise you to get your application now and return it as soon as possible. Once you receive your ballot, mark the ballot and return it as soon as possible. If you’re voting absentee in person, visit your county voter registration office.

Author: Stephan Drew

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