Dr. Marlon Thomas honored as SCABSE High School Principal of the Year

Dr. Marlon Thomas, the principal of Lamar High School in the Darlington County School District, was awarded the prestigious South Carolina Alliance of Black School Educators (SCABSE) 2023 High School Principal of the Year Award at the SCABSE Jazz Brunch held on August 26, 2023. This distinguished accolade recognizes Dr. Thomas for his outstanding contributions to education, his innovative leadership, and his unwavering commitment to the students and community of Lamar High School.

Since assuming the role of principal at Lamar High School, Dr. Thomas has played a pivotal role in promoting the school’s educational landscape with the establishment of the school’s very first magnet program, The Institute of Biomedical Innovation (IBI). IBI is a pioneering initiative designed to engage students in a challenging and competitive educational environment, emphasizing Science, Mathematics, and Technology through case-based scenarios. Under Dr. Thomas’s leadership, the program has flourished, providing students with invaluable opportunities for academic growth and real-world application of their knowledge.

Beyond the classroom, Dr. Marlon Thomas is a community leader. He believes in nurturing the “Student Experience,” encouraging his students to take on leadership roles and make a meaningful impact both inside and outside the school building. Through various community service initiatives, Dr. Thomas has instilled in his students a strong sense of civic responsibility, fostering a culture of giving and serving that extends far beyond the walls of Lamar High School.

Reflecting on his commitment to the Lamar community and his dedication to shaping the next generation of leaders and givers, Dr. Marlon Thomas expressed his heartfelt sentiments: “While I will continue to serve the Lamar Community, I’m certain a new generation of givers with a heart to serve has been birthed. I will continue to cultivate this culture of giving and serving through continued community service and involvement.”

Dr. Thomas’s exemplary leadership and unwavering dedication to education and community service make him a deserving recipient of the 2023 SCABSE High School Principal of the Year Award. His impact on Lamar High School, its students, and the surrounding community is truly remarkable.

Dr. Tim Newman, superintendent of the Darlington County School District stated, “We are so proud of Dr. Thomas and this affirmation of his steadfast leadership at Lamar High School.  Dr Thomas is always looking out for his student’s and their path to success, as well as serving his community.  He is well deserving of this recognition”.

Author: Stephan Drew

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