Darlington Together tours museum site

Darlington County Historian, Brian Gandy, speaks at the Darlington Together meeting on January 18th. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Darlington together met Tuesday, January 18, and were given a tour through the construction site of the new Darlington County museum, which should be ready to fill with artifacts this summer.  Brian Gandy, Executive Director of the Darlington County Historical Commission and Museum, gave the tour and, later, gave a slide presentation showing the journey taken to begin building the museum and also what the museum will mean for Darlington and the people with ties to this region when it is finished.  In addition to an informative program, the Darlington Together group enjoyed fellowship and refreshments.

Darlington Together is a diverse group of Darlingtonians who meet regularly to work together to understand Darlington through not only a spiritual lens, but also from many different perspectives.  This fall, the group started off with an address from the Teresa Myers-Ervin, Mayor of Florence. Other programs which will be presented include Zenobia Edwards, who will tell the group about the Aspen Institute Criminal Justice Reform Initiative. Interestingly, this study is mainly about education, because experts are finding that an education system which does not engage our youth does not prepare them for a productive life in a lawful society.  These unprepared young people turn to crime as an alternative.  Dr. Zenobia makes the argument that if our education system were part of the retail establishment, it would have gone the way of K-Mart and JC Penney.  She has some interesting ideas on how this can be fixed. 

Chris Handley, who started the Helping Florence Flourish, will also speak with us about his journey starting that group, what he has learned and, how he grew it into the impactful organization it is today.

Both of these topics should be interesting and relevant to Darlington as well.  Everyone is invited to attend these meetings. Times, locations and dates will be published in the News and Press in print and on their FaceBook page.  You may also text Linda Beckham at 843 615-8287 to be put on the mailing list for notices.

Author: Stephan Drew

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