Darlington Pilot Club hosts Light-A-Light

On December 4th Mayor Gloria Hines joined members of the Pilot Club of Darlington and guests in front of the City Administration Building for the lighting of the Light-A-Light Christmas tree. The tree’s lights are symbols of the donations made to the Pilot Club in honor of or in memory of special people. Light-A-Light donations become part of the scholarship fund for a deserving high school senior in Darlington each year.
The following donations have been made in honor of these individuals:

Kim Blackmon; Kayse Blackmon; and Jimmy Blackmon by B. J. Blackmon.

Junior Clark by Angie Dority.

Sharon D. Floyd; William Dority, Sr.; and Anna Dority by Angie and Bill Dority, Jr.

My family members by Janice Flowers.

Gray Fail; Trey Gibbs; Ian Fail; Jacen Fail; Carlisle Griggs; Catherine Fail; and Logan Gibbs by Jennifer Griggs.

Jonan Runyon; Maggie Runyon; Ryan Runyon; Joe Runyon; Lauren E. Odom; and Nancy Derminer by Rosa Lee Heiden.

Jeannyne Greer; Ruth Flowers; Judy Langley; Eloise Smyre; Miriam Campbell; Christine Hursey; and Ginger Ridgill by Martha Griggs.

Dr. Bill Boyd; Donna Segars; and Dr. Jane Hursey by Pearl Jeffords.

Kyla Riggins by Angel Kemmberlin.

Doris Young by Mr. and Mrs. Parrish Lambert and Family.

Roy, Maggie, Royce and Rivers Blackmon; Jason, Laura, Langley and Gracie Smith; The Pilot Club of Darlington; Maceo Haynesworth; Wilbur and Donna Vaughan; Henry and Tania Bailey; Wallace and Eleanor Haynes; Jim and Dot Stone; David Vaughan; and Chesley Benjamin by Rodney and Judy Langley.

Harriet Perkins; Rosa Lee Heiden; Miriam Campbell; Jeannette Adams; Elizabeth Adams; Melissa Schwier; B. J. Blackmon; Happy Haynes; Belinda Copeland; Brenda Tiller; Jeanette Harrison; Peggy Ruthven; Ruth Flowers; Jane Baldwin; Mary Scott; Kirby Register; and Frank Cole by Nancy Lee.

Frances Manning by Kim Nelson.

Charlie and Denise Weatherford by the Pilot Club of Darlington.

Gracyn and Pierce Benton; SCDNR Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries; SCDNR Law Enforcement; and Love Sunday School Class by Ginger Ridgill.

Dona Jo, Berry, Brycen, and Brayden Brown; Timmy, Gillie, and Garrett Revell; Tony, Pam, and Ramsey Sherrill; Trey, Stacie, Makyla, and Blake Weinberg; Trina and Carol Weinberg and Family by Don and Peggy Ruthven.
Riley Schurlknight by Wendy Schurlknight.

Gracie Smith; Langley Smith; Royce Blackmon; and Rivers Blackmon by Jason and Laura Smith.
The following donations have been made in memory of these individuals:

Edna McClam; Van Hudson; Jeff Lee; Billy Blackmon; Mr. and Mrs. Billy Gibson; James Singletary; and Ruth H. Singletary by B. J. Blackmon.

Laurie Lawson, William DuBose, and Joey Howle by Carman Brown.

Happy Clark by George Clark.

Ron Scott by Belinda Copeland.

Happy Clark; Laura Gandy; Mary Clark; and George Clark by Angie Dority.

Juliet Dority by Angie and Bill Dority.

Nell and Leslie Newsome by Janice Flowers.

Erskine C. Griggs, Sr. by Jennifer Griggs.

Oleene Gettys; Georgie Jordan; and Bobbie Langston by Martha Griggs.

Beverlie Hudson; James C. Hudson; Henry Hudson; and N. Hartley Odom by Rosa Lee Heiden.

Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Flowers; Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Jeffords; Eli Flowers; Woodrow Isgett; and Ed Hursey by Pearl Jeffords.

Tommy Britt; Rudell Britt; Chester McQueen; Mary McQueen; and Jean Ellis by Angel Kemmberlin.

Bobbie Constance Rouse by Randi Rouse Kirkley.

Maria Young Manuel; Richard Lambert; Mr. and Mrs. Wilburn Manuel, Sr.; Edward James “Bo” Young, Sr.; Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Crosby; Toby Lambert; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lee Lambert; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bryant; and Mr. George Bryant by Mr. and Mrs. Parrish Lambert and Family.

John and Margaret Frank; Horace and Laura Langley; Carol Gerringer; Laurie Lawson; Oleene Gettys; Margaret Parnell; Rosa Hudson; Peggy Cross; Ron Scott; Tommy Britt; Frank Burch; Jay Cox; and Jean Byrd Taylor by Rodney and Judy Langley.

Oleene Gettys; Laurie Lawson; Peggy Cross; Lenoro Elmore; Ron Scott; Margaret Parnell; Rosa Hudson; Billie Peavy; Roy Peavy; Newell Lee; Jeff Lee; Mable Johnston; and Sarah Wilson by Nancy Lee.

Janie McMillian by Kim Nelson.

Russell N. Odom; Charles Lide Kelly, Sr., Levon Player Kelly; Sarah Kelly Isgett; Cindy Kelly McKinley; Wanda Kelly Pierce; Jada Isgett Goodman; and Mattie Pilgrim by Anita Pohl Odom.

Andrew Willoughby and Edith M. Willoughby by Andrena W. Pooler.

Billy Weinberg; Emma L. and Bill Sherrill; Lena M. and Thad Weinberg; Lois and Otis Ruthven; and Ila and Billy Marshall by Don and Peggy Ruthven.

Carol Gerringer; Horace Langley; Laura Langley; John Frank; Margaret Frank; and Ron Scott by Jason and Laura Smith.

Author: Duane Childers

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