Darlington Lady Falcons advance in Pee Dee Pitch-off Championship

Darlington’s #2, Linsey Tiller scores. PHOTO BY JOHNNIE DANIELS

Darlington runner is safe at second as the softball is overthrown. PHOTO BY JOHNNIE DANIELS

#38, Kansas Cassidy for Darlington lines one to left for a base hit and 2 rbi. PHOTO BY JOHNNIE DANIELS

Darlington Lady Falcons pitcher Kansas Cassidy hurls one to home plate. PHOTO BY JOHNNIE DANIELS

The 4-A Darlington Lady Falcons won one bracket of the Pee Dee Pitch-off Championship, played in Effingham on Thursday and Saturday by defeating the young 1-A Lakeview Lady Wild Gators 7-0 in the final match-up. The South Florence Lady Bruins won the other bracket. Several teams participated in the competition. Darlington won the toss for the final game in their bracket and elected to be the home team. Thus, Lakeview began on offense. Lakeview’s Spivey Evans hit a hot one to the Darlington pitcher and arrived safely at first for the first on-base player of the game. Nothing was to come of this as Lakeview hit into a double play with the next batter. Darlingon’s #12 led off the bottom of the first inning with a double to left field and was advanced to third on a grounder by #6 who was out at first. Darlington’s Alayna Williamson, was walked followed by Kansas Cassidy who lined one to left and picked up 2 rbi. Darlington’s Amber Rogers hit one deep to left for a double that placed runners on second and third. Darlington’s Ashton Goodwin hit a sac fly to center and picked up a rbi when Linsey Tiller for Darlington crossed home plate to give Darlington a 3-0 lead after the first inning. Lakeview’s Hollie Scott was stranded in the top of the second inning after arriving at first on a hit to left center. The Darlington Lady Falcons could not muster any offense in the bottom of the second inning and the score remained 3-0 in their favor. The Lakeview Lady Wild Gators were retired in 1-2-3 fashion in the top of third inning. Darlington’s Alayna Williamson walked to begin the bottom of the third inning. Darlington’s Kansas Cassidy connected for a single on a grounder up the middle to place runners on first and second with no outs. Ashton Goodwin lined one to right for a single and a rbi followed by Savannah Evans who garnered a walk to load the bases. A grounder by Sara Ellen Hanna to the shortstop was bobbled and a run scored. After a strike-out, Darlington’s #12 delivered a hit to center and arrived at second on the throw and picked up 2 rbi. By the end of the inning Darlington was up 7-0 and that score would remain the same through the end of the game.

Author: Stephan Drew

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