Darlington football team faces many challenges

Darlington Head Football Coach Raymond Jennings has his work cut out for him and his staff this year as football practice has been hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic that we all face on a daily basis.
Coming off of a 1-9 season last year has probably dampened team spirit and practice for football has been difficult during the off season as there were so many new rules and obstacles to face. However, Jennings looks forward to his team being more competitive and win more than last year plus increase the numbers in the program.
The 24-year coaching veteran, with 12 years as a head coach, welcomes the opportunity to teach his team to be enthusiastic and energetic when it comes to the practice and playing field.
Although the team lost five players from last year’s squad, this team is loaded with a ton of new talent to be showcased this season. With the addition of a new offense, this team should be more impressive than last year’s team.
Darlington must face seasoned teams such as Myrtle Beach, Hartsville, Wilson, North Myrtle Beach, West Florence, etc., who seem to always be in the playoffs. Each team will be faced each week as the best opponent of the season for the Darlington squad.
The team will be looking for members to step up and be the leaders of the team, a real go-to group.
Darlington will be lacking in the quarterback and running backs this year. Hopefully, some will step up and fill these positions.
If the Darlington team will pull together and put forth great effort not only on offense and defense, but in all areas of the sport, this should be an interesting season.

Author: Stephan Drew

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