Coronavirus Briefs

VIRUS NO JOKE FOR POLICE: The Hartsville Police Department recently had arrest warrants out for three people who, police said, caused “an aggravated breach of the peace” by telling people at a local business that they might have the coronavirus or that they were supposed to be in quarantine, WMBF-TV reported.
“While we all enjoy a certain amount of freedom of speech, there are some things you aren’t supposed to say in public as it can cause mass chaos,” the department said in a Facebook post, WMBF said. “The classic case of shouting ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theater is one of those because of the panic it can cause.”
“Joke about COVID-19 all you want at home, but it’s not a joking matter to be telling people you have the virus while in a crowd,” the department said.

A BANNER FOR GRADUATES: The coronavirus crisis has thrown college and high-school graduation planning for a loop. But Darlington Mayor Curtis Boyd is planning to create a massive banner to honor local high-school graduating seniors.
At a City Council work session April 13, Boyd said he has been working with the Darlington County School District to get photos of local seniors to use on the banner. The project won’t use city funds.
Boyd said that the school district was still hoping to be able to stage traditional graduations even if they must be pushed back to July.

LOST INSURANCE? CALL FREE CLINIC: Because of the coronavirus pandemic, millions around the nation are losing their jobs. If you suddenly find yourself without health insurance, call the Darlington County Free Medical Clinic.
The board of the Free Medical Clinic has authorized staff to modify eligibility criteria as needed to meet the ongoing primary care needs for those who are suddenly out of work and uninsured.
“The primary goal is to ensure that patients with chronic conditions continue to have access to the healthcare and medications they need,” says Kathy Shuler, board president. “The clinic is in no way trying to take patients away from their current medical provider; rather we will work with the patient and the patient’s current medical provider to provide continuity of care for patients who may temporarily lose health coverage.”
The clinic’s Darlington office is at 203 Grove St., 843-398-0060. The Hartsville office is at 500 W. Carolina Avenue, 843-332-0422.

WHERE’S MY STIMULUS? A tracking tool that gives you the ability to check on the status of your coronavirus stimulus payment from the federal government is live on the IRS website.
The Get My Payment tracking tool lets you see when your money will arrive. It will also confirm if the IRS will send the money to your bank account using direct deposit or through the mail. If you don’t have your direct deposit information already on file with the IRS, you can provide it online.
You’ll need to enter your Social Security Number, date of birth and mailing address to access the tool. Anyone earning up to $75,000 and who has a Social Security number will receive a minimum $1,200 payment.


Author: Stephan Drew

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